Hello Beautiful, 

You might be wondering what health and purpose have in common, and what could possibly be accomplished in a mere 7 days. 

Why this challenge?

Well let me just TELL YOU!
In my years of studying a researching in nutrients and different herbs, I’ve unearthed the secrets of nutrients based ingredients for skin while searching for the solution and remedy for my own skin problems. building our raw crafted skincare line.

I’ve conquered my own health journey through personal and painful, pains and struggles that a problematic skin brought for me. I was suffering without knowing any having any direction to go. 

My skin issues were not genetic, I did not born with these issues but they start showing up when I was struggling to trying so hard to support myself and stay alive while I was a refugee. 

I was working long hours sometimes 17 hours a day to provide for my basic needs as a refugee girl. I didn’t have a good food to eat and my lifestyle wasn’t healthy at all, lack of sleep, poor diet, stressful life, working long hours, wordiness and all these harsh elements were my surroundings. 

So yes I developed a health and skin condition which caused me so much pain and suffering. 
I’ve been bullied and judged by people more than I can even count. But those days past, and I forgave them all. And I tried to use their criticism as a way to evaluate myself and be more humble!  

After years of struggles, researching and trying different products including the products I was making at my kitchen I finally could find a way that helped me over come my pains and clear my skin. 

Now I want to help you too. That is my goal! 
With the methods I am teaching in this challenge, I’ve helped thousands of men and women accomplish their goal of transformation that supports the body’s natural healing process resulting in a healthy skin.

Health is fundamental of a happy prosper and successful life.
In this 7 Day Challenge, I am giving you the way and method that you’ll need to start your “love your skin” journey that will allow you to become the one you deserve... in health, beauty, and life. 
I’ll be sharing the secrets that no one else talked about it...
We were all born to live the life we deserve. 

Join me and thousands of others as I walk you through a powerful and unique transformational journey where you will discover the method that will help you to look and feel better than ever before. 

Your Friend For Ever,
- Jacklin

Founder of  Yalmeh® Naturals & The Super Me Club
Beauty For Freedom™
Jacklin Yalmeh, Yalmeh Naturals

This challenge was created to provide you with the support, essential tools and system that designed to support your bodies natural healing process. This challenge will help you to achieve your goal of ultimate health & beauty you deserve. 

We Will Cover…

  • Ways For A Healthy Skin & Ultimate Beauty Like You've Never Had
  • ​Preparing food + cooking to enhance your beauty
  • ​ Recipes for glowing skin and a healthy gut

  • Guide to balancing the pH of your gut

  • ​Tea to help detox your system
  • ​Blending + smoothie for LIFE
  • ​Food that support the collagen production
  • ​Skin loving detox and beauty makes
  • ​The Souls Contribution To Healing Beauty

  • ​7 days love your skin detox
  • ​And So Much More...

Overcome Problematic Skin,  Low Self Esteem,  Low Confidence, And Self Doubt Like A Super Lady!

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3 Huge Reasons You Need The 7 Day Skin Detox
Reason #1
Your Self-Esteem Improves And You Will Motivated.
 When you detox, you get to examine your thoughts and beliefs and you find the greatest expression of who you are. 
A detox will quickly help you feel better and show you how health, energy, and happiness are available to you when you use food as medicine and make a few simple changes in your daily routine. Once you have experienced what it feels like to feel good inside out, then you know there is a way to move forward without suffering but with joy and happiness. 

Reason #2
You Will Recharge And Reboot!. 
All of us are guilty from living in a way that supports our health. Sometimes we say ok to the exact things that cause us suffer most, too little sleep, too little exercise, too much bad food, too much stress, not enough time for ourselves. The best way to reset your life is the effective detox. Just by removing toxins from our life and replacing them with all good and beneficial things can help us to reboot our health and start a fresh and healthy life. 

Reason #3
You Will feel Better. 
When you detox, you wake up feeling vital, vibrant, alive, joyful, and full of energy. Even if you have symptoms of being toxic like skin breakouts, irritations, sensitivity fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, allergies, and headaches, the 7 days jumpstart detox can help heal you quickly. Most of us don’t connect what we’re eating to how our body reacts and feel. In the 7-day skin detox you will learn how you have put up with frustrations. Feeling good is your right and is only a few days away.
Who Am I?
As a wellness advocate, I also believe in a holistic approach to effective natural skincare and beauty.. Beautiful skin is a combination of the lifestyle choices we make every day…from what we apply to our skin to what we eat, and how often we exercise. I know from personal experience how my skin became transformed when I made my own diet and lifestyle changes. Welcome to living a full life full of joy and excitements.,

When it comes to your body and skin health, there is no such thing as middle or average and I have made this my mission to help those who want to make a difference ... In my SUPER ME CLUB, I hope to help educate, inform and inspire all of us to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. 

I hope you’ll join me in this movement and journey.
-Jacklin [AKA, SUPER LADY] 
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